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Tasha By nachoscrackers Updated 3 years ago
Staring at the periwinkle sky, Keisha wonders if she could ever have a normal family ever again. Her family sends her away and lets her live on her own. Can the secrets being kept from her, always be kept secrets? When will she realize that many will betray her and only a few will stick around? She takes the risk of finding out more of her past and there's no turning back.
    While on the other side, Jason is having trouble with deals. All of the deals he regretted, but there's only one he appreciated, and that is having Keisha in his life.
I LOVE your stories and fanfic XD
                                    can't wait until u make more :)
@crazygurl101 Yeah, I understand that. Cassie invented a really cool fantasy world and I would love to right a story that takes place in it, even if it doesn't have the characters in it. I do hope you keep going with this though, I'd love to see more :)