The Omega Existence

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Seth Nathrah By SethNathrah Completed
It's 2066 and three billion people have vanished from the earth. Those who remain are left in chaos as the world teeters on the brink of destruction. Ben Castings, a priest who predicted the catastrophic event in a book that led to his excommunication, is determined to find a child destined to rule the next world with the help of his best friend, corporate tycoon Andrew Wyatt. 
    They aren’t the only ones determined to find this new King. Angels and Demons alike are frantically searching for him amidst a plague of terrors about to be released onto the world. With so much confusion on both sides and as war rages between Heaven and Hell, will everything unfold as was written?
The beginning should have been what happened. The main characters should be fleshed out more. I like the storyline, just bring out some more detail and you will have yourself more of a winner here. Do some revision and bring this "Hoss" out!
I like how you start the story! It's an interesting story. :) love it xo
This is really interesting, I really like the introduction, it really drew me in.  Really great detail, it's very descriptive and makes everything really vivid.  I really enjoyed reading this, it's really interesting, very well done chapter (:
Great introduction. I adore the descriptions and development of plot. Nicely written.
The story really pulls me in and I feel like I'm in the story myself. 
                                    The plots perfect. I can't wait for more.
i really like how you wrote this up and the beginning =) its well written and enjoyable to read =P voted!