What is love? (Student/teacher Romance)

What is love? (Student/teacher Romance)

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Beep beep beep

I groaned internally as I reached over to turn off my alarm. The clock read 6:30. First day of school after the holidays, great.
I dragged myself out of bed and went downstairs to have breakfast before school.
I put the bread in the toaster, and just stood there, dozing off. The sudden pop of the toaster made me jump out of my skin, it took me a few seconds to recover. I placed my toast on a plate, spreading vegemite on it.

It took longer than was planned to eat my breakfast, so I was startled when I glanced at the clock and it read 7:30. Crud! Half an hour until I have to leave! I sprinted upstairs and into the shower. I wasted no time before wrapping myself in a towel and sprinting down the hall to my room. I chucked my uniform on and brushed my hair. I didn't bother doing anything special with it like most girls, no one notices me anyway.

Chucking my books into my bag I ran downstairs grabbing my keys from the hall and running to school.
Making it just in time I to...

    coachqueen coachqueen 2 days ago
    ok the tree being her friend thing was fine but now he tells her jokes???? i'm concerned
    coachqueen coachqueen 2 days ago
    call me an overachiever but i classify a nerd as someone who gets all A+ because A's are easy to get but it's harder to get 95+ everytime
    _littleboylou _littleboylou 2 days ago
    ok this where I stop reading cause when tf did HS have recess, do better author
    SammyNW SammyNW Aug 02
    You like to throw a lot of things 
                                  Chucking your uniform 
                                  Chucking your books
    Hope there's butter on that toast with the Vegemite  and a bit more butter than Vegemite
    SammyNW SammyNW Aug 02