I love you till you die

I love you till you die

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Using David Eddings character as alias By CeNedraBorune Updated May 03, 2014


Memories float like snowflakes, raining softly in the quiet darkness of her mind. The occassional flicker of a thought illuminated the dungeon of trapped reflections and the glittering flakes ignite; shining through her eyes, lighting up the world.

He stared in delicious awe, devouring the sudden energies of her past; watching her face transform, like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon. Oh, to be filled with such passion as she! He desperately needed to feel it all vicariously through her; to experience the innocent excitement of youth and fill the void of stolen memories.

Nothing seemed to blot the numbness. It spread like spilt ink, consuming his soul with every drop. The empty void growing ever larger, drawing like moths to a flame, all the happiness and life within and from him.

Her eyes, like a startled gazelle's, paused, watching the myriad of emotions shape his face like a collage. She was enchanted, for never before had she witnessed such raw emotion so blatantly...