He Belongs to Her

He Belongs to Her

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That girl sobbing her heart out in the bathroom? Because of him. 
That badly bruised boy bleeding out on the floor of the hallway? Because of him. 
That locker having an odd fist shaped dent to it? Also because of him.

Ethan Finley was known for his notorious and disdain ways. Ethan worked with words and numbers, one of the only things he truly enjoyed and he always liked a challenge, pushing himself further and breaching past unthinkable limits.

After the beginning of a horrible childhood with his abusive mother, Ethan has no been brought up with only one asset in his mind. He liked to have the power and the control of the situation. Without that he would always get hurt. 

That was what he had established and that was the mindset he had forced himself to grow up.

After seeing how aimlessly his father and mother fell in love together, and the stories surrounding over them, Ethan has always been dubious of the term true love. He knew it took Grey and Diana effortless amounts of hardships and pain to  achieve their dream family, and he wasn't quite sure he wanted to feel any pain again.

But after helplessly in love with a broken soul, Ethan is placed again in an unthinkable place and for the first time has no control over the situation.

And he hates that fact that she caused this.