It Starts With You [B×B] |✔

It Starts With You [B×B] |✔

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An unexplainable spark ignites within Gabriel when he meets his brother's best friend, Alexander, the perfect example of a walking sex bomb. Little does he know that Alexander might not be as perfect as he seems, hiding many sinful secrets himself...

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' I'm about a half step away from sobbing my heart out? This is amazing, this is so good I think I might cry...'

' The story was compelling, emotional and well thought out piece of writing. I completely loved every minute of reading this! '

' I was dreading the end since the beginning, such a lovely story with powerful words and passion, I cried a few times, although Alexander and Gabriel are not real, I still am proud of them.'

 ' I love this book!! I've never voted twice on the same book, yet here we are!! Thank you so much for this wonderful masterpiece!! '