Their Queen

Their Queen

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xXSilverShifterXx By xXSilverShifterXx Updated Sep 21, 2018

"I don't love you two." I spat out, moving backwards, like prey to the two men.

    "Yes you do," Cole purred like a cat, taking a step forward. 

    Greyson suddenly pinned me to the wall, "Should we convince you to love us?"

    "You can try." I shot at him, leaning away from his touch.

     Cole took me out of his grip and leaned forward. 

     His hot breath caressed my ear, "If we do convince you, what happens?" He asked.

    "I will stay with you guys forever, and become queen of both of your worlds." I said, gulping, "If not?" I asked back, challenging them.

      Greyson stepped forward, "Then you can leave us, and we are to never see you again."


    Monica Lane is an 18 year old girl living in a world taken over by Werewolves and Vampires. 

    At first, they weren't that bad. They left humans alone. Their lifestyle was pretty similar to humans. Just the bloodsucking and the shifting. 

    Life took a turn when a letter was sent to every house. They said to not resist if a Vampire or Werewolf took you home with them. The reason? It was because you were their 'mate' or 'beloved'. 

    That was alright with Monica, as long as it didn't happen to her. Guess what? It did.