Lock Me Up ↠ j.m

Lock Me Up ↠ j.m

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After a terrible tragedy consisting of her mother's death, Casey Collins is forced to move all the way across the country to start a new, sustained life. Thus, Casey focuses on her current aspirations and goals for her future, and is determined to let no one get in her way. 

That is, until she meets the notorious Jason McCann, who has danger circling his every move, and a life story that screams trouble.

What will happen when Jason drags Casey on for the ride? Will Casey continue to stay beside Jason through all the hurt and the constant struggles? 

❝Our love wasn't cliché; our love was unexpected, our love was authentic, but sadly, our love was never meant to be.❞

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elaidarose elaidarose May 24
Loved Dianna as Quinn in glee ❤️👍🏼 liking this story already 😂
I play to much sims, all I can think about is cc, custom content. Wow I'm so weird
Weird... In Arizona we don't get them, they are all over the school but we can't use them only if you have P.E
It's so weird hearing that people don't get lockers issued to them. We get them at registration for the year.
im not good with locks so i feel ya. that ish is so hard to open (for me)
rauhlsglow rauhlsglow Apr 02
i honestly just went to my high school because it had lockers