Hannah And Charlie

Hannah And Charlie

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Charlie used to be part of a pop group, along with Hannah, Rachel, Tina and Bradley. Prancing around in skimpy outfits, and spending most of their time together on the road, there was bound to be some sort of sexual tension between the guys and the girls.

As it were, Tina and Bradley ended up together, and Charlie and Hannah had on-off crushes with each other, but never really revealed their true feelings.

Now, years later, the group had split up, but all five remain close friends. But maybe it’s time for the truth to come out...

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BenArsenal BenArsenal Mar 21, 2011
@AubreyEatsHearts No, you silly! LOL! I just imagined it and ta da, story! :D
AubreyEatsHearts AubreyEatsHearts Mar 20, 2011
                              Seriously? This is based off S Club 7?! Lmao. XD Did that ACTUALLY happen to the ppl in that group? lmao =P
BenArsenal BenArsenal Mar 16, 2011
@strawberry61 Do you mean S Club 7 or the name?
                              If it's S Club 7 I guess most of my fans/readers are too young or not really aware of them? Haha!
                              If it's the name, I dunno. I just sorta felt like Charlie is a nice name for a first person point of view for this story. Haha!
BenArsenal BenArsenal Mar 14, 2011
@strawberry61 Ahahaha! OMG, you're the only one so far who got the reference! :D
                              Yeah his name is Paul. I changed it to Charlie. :P
strawberry61 strawberry61 Mar 14, 2011
i used to love s club 7! this is kinda about them right? i swear his name was Paul??? lol, anyway i always wished that they'd get together =)
BenArsenal BenArsenal Mar 06, 2011
@Angeleyes30 Haha! Thanks! But that's the end of that story. :D
                              I'll post some other stuff soon, hopefully. :)
                              Thanks so much for dropping by! :D