The Downfall Of Grace Griffin

The Downfall Of Grace Griffin

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Grace Griffin
Roman Parker

They are nothing alike.

To Need Her: Grace is a socialite, miss popularity. Roman is a workaholic, avoids public media. A bad investment was made and a deal was struck. Now Grace is stuck in the middle and can't get out.
Being married to the heartless multi billionaire wasn't sunshine and daisy's.
She needs out, as soon as possible, but what happens once they both get what they want?

To Have Her: Since being divorced, Grace is free to live life the only way she knows how to. To the fullest. Roman has become possessive and dominating, his only goal right now, make Grace obedient. Grace is starting to see a whole new side to her exhusband, a side she never thought existed. But she denies him at every opportunity, defies him at every turn.
Roman has found he enjoys the fights, having Grace under him, still having control. But what will happen when Roman admits to himself what it all really means and how will Grace cope with learning the full truth behind the original marriage arrangement?

To Keep Her: Grace has finally found the happiness she didn't realise she was looking for. She has found the one person she truly loves, someone she thought she never would. Her life felt complete, she was happy, they were happy. Her and Roman were engaged. Then something devastating happened that drove them apart from each, each day more and more distance was forged. Grace ran and hid from her problems, her emotional distress and Roman couldn't handle her anymore. Things were looking bleak for the pair.

To Find Her: They say time heals all wounds, but have they really? Grace and Roman believed they have moved on, they have kept the past in the past. A weekend away shouldn't hurt. That's till Grace publicly announced something that has Roman furious. That's when they lay their cards on the table, finally admitting to each other the hurt and pain they have both suffered through.

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