Padded Walls

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Kim Fry By KimFry Updated 2 months ago
What do Erika, Alison, and Melody have in common?  They are all living inside the mind of Anna Hayes.  Anna, at the age of 12, witnessed a tragedy.  When she began showing signs of multiple mannerisms and even began calling herself different names, her parents had no choice but to put her in a ward -- several, as it turned out.  Every one they took her to eventually asked that she be removed for violent actions toward staff and other patients with no memory of the event. Finally, Green Marsh Ward became their last effort.  Anna has been a resident there longer than most.  For the last eight years, she has lived there, unhealed by treatment but having no other place to turn to.  What happens when so many personalities in one body escape?  Will the madness finally be silenced, or will the chaos emerge fully?
This sounds a lot like the movie The Ward starring Amber Heard.
i really dint know that people with multiple personality disorde actually heard voices. just wan to clarify do they really?!
Interesting so far. It was a bit confusing at first, but I got on track.
I really like this. (: Its a different take on mental illnesses, and this one in particular is one hard to write. But, you do a very good job writing it, its easy to understand. I've also really like the way you describe the characters.
Ive read all your stories and i havent been on in a while when i heard from my friends that u wrote a new story i took my chances and started reading it at school. almost got caught!! lol
wow! I really didnt think this was going to be good but its better than i thought! Keep on writing! cant wait for the new chap!