Rainbow (Michael Clifford)

Rainbow (Michael Clifford)

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We have Michael and we have Haley. 

Haley would have been a successful lawyer or doctor if her dad got what he wanted. She's just an eighteen year old that's expected to follow the rules but that was never really going to happen. As the biggest act of rebellion against her control freak of a father, she dyes her hair. Dying her hair lead her to someone, an old friend, Michael Clifford. Rekindling the friendship is in no way easy with all the memories and scars made.

[this book contains self-harm so if you're triggered by that, don't read this book because at some points, there is a lot of detail.]

my dad told me if i got my eyebrow pierced he would kick me out the house
My sister's dyed her hair like 7 times and she's only 16. My mom and dad were completely fine with it
My mom makes me wear a tank top when I wear crop tops but I'm fine with it because I hate my stomach
buymeoreos buymeoreos Nov 06
                              AND PLEASE WE'RE NOT IN THE 60'S
I'm 11 ( I Know I'm a smol bean) and my mom wants me to get my hair dyed like I don't really want it that much but she actually wants me to
My parents know the basics. They don't give a flying fück about the complicated stuff