Let Me Go: Mer!klance AU

Let Me Go: Mer!klance AU

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walternatereality By altreality Updated Jul 10

In which Keith meets a mischievous merman who wants to be part of his world...
"I'm Lance. Lance Mcclain. I saved your life."

Keith turned slowly to his left. There was a boy about his age staring at him with a half-cocked smile, which distracted him from his otherwise... disturbing appearance.

He was tan and svelte, with shaggy chestnut hair and a long face. His eyes were completely black, like two orbs of obsidian glittering in the night. His canine teeth were slightly longer than average for a normal human, with strange blue markings running along his arms, and holy shit, were those gills?

"Are you okay?" He inquired innocently.

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