Falling Asteroids ↠ A Zodiac Story[Discontinued]

Falling Asteroids ↠ A Zodiac Story[Discontinued]

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Chirp By Chirpeace Updated Nov 25

We looked at the sky. The sky was stained a crimson red, and chaos was leaking onto the dead grass and dried up forests as we all held hands in a circle in the centre of this chaos we once called our home.

Asteroids from space began falling, I stared at the bloody crimson sky filled with danger and death that was knocking on our door as the mothership watched our world crumble from afar.

"If we die," he spoke. "we'll die together."


Being secret agents isn't an easy job for the Zodiacs. But having to rescue the world from an alien threat isn't like a walk through the park either.

**WARNING: This book is basically discontinued unless I find the motivation to continue writing it.**