The Hitter's Hit List

The Hitter's Hit List

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KB Olan By imaginator33 Updated Oct 19

"She has the perfect body to be in my bed" He chuckled and in a flash I slammed my fist against his jaw with a brutal force so hard that he would be injured for months

How dare he talks about her like that.

He smirked touching his lip that was covered with blood from his mouth, I grabbed him by his shirt as anger radiated through my entire body. If looks could kill this idiot would have been long gone.

"She's far away now, you'll never see her again" He said making his bloody teeth obvious, I stepped on his foot slowly enjoying how he tried not to wince.

"If you do as much and touch a strand of her hair"I yelled my voice echoing in the building.

He waited for me to continue his smirk never leaving his face, I increased my weight on his foot making him press his lips against each other. The whole building was quiet like it was also waiting to hear what I'll say.

I smirked even though he couldn't see it " I'll kill you in the worst way possible, just like you did to Mrs Miller"

His eye widen as what I said and I breathe chuckling.

They can't hurt any of my loved ones again, I've had enough.


All he wants is revenge, revenge against those that took his mother away from him that's all the hitter wants. But things keep on getting in his way, with the help of his best friend and a FBI agent nothing can stop him, right?

On the other side of the hitter's world is badass Jasmine who is a surgeon in one of the most prestigious hospital in Washington DC. Jasmine as always been an orphan since she can remember her only family members are her friends and perfect boyfriend Edward Miller who seems not so perfect after all.