Pure Blood [Book IV]

Pure Blood [Book IV]

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Sabrina By UnderMySkin Updated Apr 21

[Book IV of a Dark Fairytale Series]
[Book I is Red; Book II is Æsa; Book III is Ashen Heart; Book IV is Pure Blood; Book V is Blood Queen]

Nikolai Sokolov was born a Pure Blooded Vampire to family of Half Bloods. 

Under the influence of his older brothers, Roman and Ivan, Nikolai develops a taste for violence. As Roman begins building an empire to create balance between the Pure Bloods and the Half Bloods, Nikolai begins to question the true intentions of his older brother. 

As he is dragged into wars for a throne, Nikolai wishes he was never conceived.

[First Place Winner in the "Vampire" category of the Materia Awards]