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Aza Marotte By NightingaleManor Completed

Book 2: Anemone Young is good with most people. Others see something hidden behind her pale blue eyes. Something that disturbs them and makes them want to avoid her with every fiber of their being. 

And those who sense it have a very valid reason to. 

Annie is a serial killer with a day job.

The paper even prints stories of her hobby in major sections, often front paging her work...simply because she targets her own kind.

One day, while lounging in the lobby of her own workplace, she meets Garth, a coroner with a minor serial killer obsession and a habit of dating beautiful young gold diggers with Daddy issues.
Since both of them have a penchant for dating all the wrong people, they decide to become friends.

WARNING: Very graphic in the violence and gore sort of way. Plus, some sexual content.

  • comedy
  • connected
  • coroner
  • death
  • disturbing
  • gore
  • humor
  • macabre
  • mental
  • morgue
  • murder
  • prologue
  • psychologist
  • serial
  • short
  • strange
  • suspense
NightingaleManor NightingaleManor Mar 11, 2011
@purpleblackberry Im a serial killer fanatic. Love dexter btw. Thanks for commenting. ^_^
purpleblackberry purpleblackberry Mar 11, 2011
hmmmm i think this guy's a serial killer too.... i don't know why i just get the feeling haha
purpleblackberry purpleblackberry Mar 11, 2011
oh wow.. this story is scary haha i was thinking it reminded me of dexter (although i've never seen it, i just know the storyline) and then bam! it's in the story haha I like your writing style its easy to read :) first vote!!! woot woot!!