Meeting Matthias

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Ivane Luna By BrainOfIvane Updated 3 years ago
The girl sees his demons.
    Simply put, Ava Montes was terrified of Matthias Vaughn. It didn't help that her two closest friends' worlds seemed to revolve around the teen idol. Heck, her whole school was thrilled by his arrival. Well, not Ava. In fact, Ava couldn't even stand being anywhere near him. How could she when all she could focus on when he was around were the three demons that always loomed over him? But then Ava always did love a challenge, and that's exactly what she got when her mentor, Sophia, advised her to "show love toward the unlovable".
    Matthias was intrigued by Ava. He couldn't quite figure her out. She was a complete enigma. At certain points, it was beginning to get annoying. No one ever treated him the way that she did. It felt like she saw right through him, and he couldn't help but wonder - "What does she see when she looks at me?"
Wow...great start! Last paragraph gave me chills. God bless! :)
I really like reading your book:) Please update soon...i desperately wanna know what happens next...
Wow. Loving the story already. :D If you don't mind me asking, what program did you use to make the cover.
So far so good, it's a very interesting and chilling begining and it definately makes you want to read more, also it's unique, the main character is not gushung after the "hot" actor---very refreshing!
Oh wow, I had my doubts about this at first, mainly because I find the Spiritual genre uninteresting, but this kindled my attention. Liking it, :D
It is inspiring and it will help a lot of people. Go! Go! Go! Keep on writing more stories that will inspire people, not let them down, not stories that will separate them from God.