The Bite (Teen Wolf Ft.Jack Gilinsky)

The Bite (Teen Wolf Ft.Jack Gilinsky)

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Morgan Times was the name of a 17 year old living in California. She lived such a normal life. She had a nice house, nice clothes, her life was great. Not perfect, but great. 

Morgan goes on a camping trip with a few of her friends, and a popular lacrosse jock named Jack, who she ended up falling for. But on this camping trip Morgan was severely injured by an werewolf attack in the woods of beacon hills.

This bite caused supernatural things to happen. All her senses were supernaturally enhanced, and she became stronger. Not just physically, but as a person. 

She learns to control the bite, and the shift on a full moon where she turned into a horrifying beast. 

When a pack of alpha's kill the ones Morgan loves, she gets to the bottom of things and finds out who killed them. She felt her inner rage come out, and she hunted the alpha who murdered them. 

So many things are revealed, and so many people die. She even finds out who bit her. This unbelievable experience is tattooed into her heart and will never be forgotten. 

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