I Was Forced To Become The Demon lords Pet After Reincarnation

I Was Forced To Become The Demon lords Pet After Reincarnation

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Kazuto Juro, born in a Distinguish family of talented individuals known throughout the world. No matter where you go you would always hear the Juro family name, and their Achievements. Kazuto on the other hand didn't have any talent worthy of the family name. 
He was average like everyone else and seem Content with it, but his family thought otherwise. They thought of him as a disgrace and treated him like trash especially his siblings. 
Even though Society and his family treats him terribly he still try's to live his life the best way he could with those close to him. 

But fate can be a real as*hole. 

In his Academy specially chosen individuals including kazuto his Siblings & friends were Summon to another world to become heroes. But during some unforeseen events, kazuto was humiliated, tortured, betrayed by everyone around him and.....killed. 

Harboring deep hatred even after death, he heard a voice in the darkness. 
"Do you wish to die?, or do you want to use that hatred for something greater?, if so you have to Pledge yourself to me & become mine." 

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