Riches To Rags

Riches To Rags

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Victoria By QueenVictoriia Updated Aug 06, 2017

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Everything she ever wanted was presented to her on a silver platter. From Giuseppe Zanotti heels to Alexander McQueen shades, Desiree Harris was born into the glamorous life. Shopping on Rodeo Dr was below her. Taking a private jet to Paris to shop up and down Avenue Montaigne was more her taste. She couldn't see her life any other way. Knowing that her father is about to retire soon, Desiree also knows that she's the next one to claim all the riches. That is, until a financial accident hits the Harris Manor and the unthinkable happens, causing her perfect life to crumble. Not use to picking up the broken pieces of her own life, Desiree learns that she has to grow up even if she doesn't want to. She learns that mommy and daddy will not always be there to help.

Can she do it alone? Or will there be a special someone to help her along the way as she goes from riches to rags?

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star_dreamer1 star_dreamer1 Aug 11, 2015
I swear to god my dad name is frank and my name is desirae but are last names is Alford
MimiShavon MimiShavon Aug 06, 2015
Lol right.  I may not like the girl,  but she's so right about the apple bottom jeans
Dionmarie Dionmarie Jun 27, 2015
I wonder if this how rich people really act, if so, I'm good where I'm at
Dionmarie Dionmarie Jun 27, 2015
The difference between you and Tyler Perry is that he actually worked to get that money to buy that island
Mina_Nina Mina_Nina May 11, 2015
Could've got a look-a-like from your local walmart for $15.34
tonian tonian May 01, 2015
-.- it's people like this that karma hits the WORST... I'm patiently waiting on her downfall cuz she has to reap what she's sowing... spoiled mutt!