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ChrisCares By MitsuSenpai Updated Nov 29

Kiba Inuzuka, the school's number one goof and friendly to all

Sasuke Uchiha, the school's own playboy, beloved by girls (and boys)

Neji Hyuga, the teacher next door Geometry teacher, long hair girls swoon over him

Gaara Subaki, the other transfer student, cold, smart and handsome

A series of murders have occurred after Naruto enters the scene, the main suspect of the murders?

Naruto Uzumaki, the transfer student who nobody knows.

It's up to him to prove his innocence, but all the clues point at him, and the only lead he has is the last words of the first victim.

"T-The s-smile~"
Chapter 1 - Sept. 1
Chapter 2 - Sept. 8