Running with Wolves (boyxboy)

Running with Wolves (boyxboy)

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Andy By BoyxBoyLover133 Completed

A boy named Mark was in the woods for a jog when he came across a hurt wolf. The wolf was badly injured. A man named Andrew, or Andy for short, was running in the woods. Then something came out of nowhere and attacked him. Since he was hurt he took his wolf form so he would heal faster. That's when a boy found him. His mate!

Mark is weak. Andrew is strong. 

Mark is a nerd. Andrew is a powerful Alpha male.

Mark is gay. Andrew is not or Maybe, just maybe he is.

Join them on a journey of love, hate, and hard shippes as Life gets in the way. 

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Snow_Leopard_Queen Snow_Leopard_Queen Nov 15, 2017
Weak and vulnerable is what he will be getting but am not sure about the girl part
katriinaLamperouge katriinaLamperouge Jul 11, 2017
Ohh he only shaved the fur... thats all? I'm sorry Mark but You need to replenish your first aid kit...
TheCaster369 TheCaster369 Sep 28, 2017
This feels more like storyteller mode than third person.... I'm really enjoying it so far.
cuteluv03 cuteluv03 Dec 24, 2017
I feel like it would be better if u tell us when u switch characters. Like using ********* as a signal to expect a character pov switch. Cuz I was reading and I was like "wait what, what happened" and I had to reread to realize  that u switched characters. Don't get me wrong it's good tho
I am reading the comments and- was I the only one whom got what the author had done?
Thinking about it the author probably meant something totally different and I'm just idiot