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Home (Is Where The Heart Is) [a Deamus fanfiction] *currently editing*

Home (Is Where The Heart Is) [a Deamus fanfiction] *currently editing*

17.1K Reads 663 Votes 7 Part Story
charlotte By cj642_ Completed

Seamus Finnigan's life is complete and utter bullshit. 
Since he came out to his parents, nothing has been the same. ,
Thankfully, there's the one person in this world he can count on, taking him in when everything else falls apart: Dean Thomas, his best friend. 
And the guy Seamus secretly is in love with.
Never even considering that his feelings might get returned, Seamus spends a Christmas feast with Dean that's an emotional roller coaster, and eventually, Seamus finds that family doesn't always mean consanguinity and home sometimes isn't a place, but a person that holds your heart instead.

SimonTheVampir SimonTheVampir Nov 21, 2016
*dials nearest serial killer hitman*
                              I need you to murder someone and make it look like a suicide.
MissMessrPadfoot MissMessrPadfoot Sep 18, 2016
Thank you for putting a lesbian/gay couple that isnt the main always surprised at the fact that the only gay person they mention is Dumbledore and they dont even say it directly....i mean there has to be at least a few gay people with the amount of people in that castle
SalazarGryffindor SalazarGryffindor Feb 20, 2016
Sorry, but did he just take the "dans existential crisis position"?
Mycroft-Lestrade Mycroft-Lestrade Apr 26, 2016
Omg I thought they where talking about me (although I got slytherin on the test I'm an even split)
mikeytopssorryluke mikeytopssorryluke Nov 26, 2016
Also can we appreciate the fact that Seamus autocorrected to deamus at first
No. Get away from him. DON'T YOU DARE! GET AWAY FROM SEAMUS!