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The Badboy's Girl

The Badboy's Girl

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ApocolypticUnicorns By ApocolypticUnicorns Updated Aug 02, 2016

"You're really naïve, JJ," he said, his eyes dark, boring directly into mine. Sighing, I turned around, not wanting to hear this all over again.

"You think you know everything because you're smart academically. Well let me tell you this," he came closer to me, his breath tickling my ear as he whispered lowly. 

"Intellect only gets you so far," my eyes snapped to his, his nose inches from mine. My heart drummed dramatically against my rib cage as a hint of a smirk tinted his lips. "You need experience to get you the rest of the way."

Backing away, he held out his hand, my breathing rigid as I watched his eyebrow quirk in question.

"Let me, and I can show you what you're missing out. All you have to do is hold on." I watched his hand come closer to mine, tempting me to take it. My eyes flickered between his hand and his face, watching his reaction.

This way, I could leave everything behind - there'll be no bills, no troubles, no teachers, no homework, no enemies and no problems. I wrapped my hand around his.

"Lets go."

Staying under the radar a majority of her time in high school, Jessica was hoping to get through without troubles and problems. It was only her, her friends, her family and Project X. 

Until now.       

She is about to face the biggest problem yet when he moves in next door. Aaron Blake - the biggest player of her high school and not to mention a sexy looking bad boy. Being able to resist his charm, Aaron sees her as nothing but a challenge.     

Throw a whole lot of problems, tests, bets, secrets, family troubles and pestering mothers into the mix and you get just what Jessica was trying to avoid - A Problem. Not to mention a Badboy that keeps wanting her attention. 

Can she forever resist his charm or will she just end up as The Badboy's Girl?
****Authors Note****
Hey. Thanks for checking out my book, means a lot. It's not all that cliché and there are some mistakes but I'm editing it so enjoy!

ReMpO97 ReMpO97 Apr 13
Sure he will be smirking! He just got what he wanted what he was waiting for!
*stops eating and dramatically falls to the ground* TAKE ME NOW
FallenAngel_786 FallenAngel_786 Sep 13, 2016
Actually I'd pick to get educated tbh. Don't wanna be a bum sitting on my ass all day
KiwiWovesBookz KiwiWovesBookz Nov 09, 2016
First its My fake boyfriend NOW ITS THIS!! Then aphmau has a Aaron OMG I KNOW A AARON IRL TO!!
eemiilyy_ eemiilyy_ Feb 11, 2016
I have to say that this is one of the best books I've read on here. Not so much the idea of the story (since I'm not far along enough yet to be to into it) but the way you write is amazing. It's unique and I like it, you're an amazing writer!
paytonlouise- paytonlouise- Sep 01, 2016
Is every man whore named Aaron because the past 4 books I've read have been Arron