Hope of the County (Far Cry 5 AU)

Hope of the County (Far Cry 5 AU)

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K. J. By EdenDescending Updated Sep 01, 2019

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*Author's Note: the final chapters & ending are being written at the moment, I've just been busy working multiple jobs but it will be updated soon! (Fingers crossed). I may patch this up with edits as well. Thank you to everyone who has read, voted and commented so far! Xo*

Some time has passed since the attempted arrest of Joseph Seed; Hope County has changed.

With the help of his Elite forces who have claimed a bunker of their own, and the citizens of the resistance now referred to as the Forsaken, Sheriff Whitehorse takes his place at the helm of Hope County. After reclaiming the territories from Joseph Seed, Eden's Gate has become nothing more than a memory. Rather than kill the Seeds as he restores the order of this war-torn town, Whitehorse orders they be taken hostage. 

The tables are turned; use of the Bliss, torture, and conditioning, transforms each of the siblings from the confident Heralds to broken, fearful souls, which forced Joseph into hiding on his island sanctuary.

Diana, a woman with a mysterious past going back beyond her life with Eden's Gate, fights to reunite her chosen family and save them from the evil that The Sheriff has turned on them. Running the gamut of arduous trials to save them, she picks up the pieces of her life before, revealing her true identity and the reason she came back to Hope County.

Coming face to face with old friends who've made their choice to stand with or against her, she prepares to fight them off alone...

For the Hope of the County.