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Hope of the County (Far Cry 5 AU)

Hope of the County (Far Cry 5 AU)

1.9K Reads 103 Votes 23 Part Story
K. J. By EdenDescending Updated Mar 05

Hope County has changed.

With the help of his Deputies known as the Elite and the valiant efforts of the citizens (referred to as The Forsaken), Sheriff Whitehorse reclaimed Hope County from the grasp of Joseph Seed. Taking his place at its helm, Whitehorse rendered Edens Gate to nothing more than a memory. After liberating each region, Sheriff Whitehorse ordered the Seed Family be taken hostage rather than killing them, though extermination of any trace of their remaining followers was imminent.

The Elite turn the tables on the family; Use of the Bliss, torture and conditioning has transformed each of the siblings from the confident Heralds to broken, fearful souls. With nothing left to his legacy, this forced Joseph into hiding on his island sanctuary.

Diana, a woman with a mysterious past beyond her life with Jacob, the Seed Family, and Eden's Gate--fights to reunite her chosen family. She picks up fragments of her past life along the way as she scours the battle-worn regions to save them from the evil that The Sheriff has turned on them, even if she has to face them on her own...

The only Hope of the County.

(NOTE: This is a work of fiction and takes place in an alternate version of Hope County. It is loosely based on the world and uses the cast of characters created in the video game: Far Cry 5. While this is written in this universe and created by Ubisoft, I am in no way affiliated with Ubisoft or the team that developed Far Cry 5. However, I do own Diana and any other original character, concept, scenario or dialogue created in this story. Warning: this story contains harsh and vulgar language, extreme violence, sex, intense sexual references, death, and other mature themes. Because of this, I will provide warnings on chapters containing heavier content. All Rights Reserved, 2018)

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