When the birds stopped chirping

When the birds stopped chirping

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Paula By PaulaSpectacles Updated Aug 06, 2018

A promised land meant to self-destruction in a glimpse, a brainwashed society led by a corrupted government: this is what, thirty years after the Exodus, Heavensgate has become in the eyes of its citizens. They long wished to obtain prosperity after an excruciating journey to their brand new motherland across the seas. As the city of all dreams transforms into a nightmare, the pursuit of happiness has a price high to pay.
The path to becoming an accomplished artist is paved with hardships and challenges to be accounted among the best of the best. Kim has been walking through his college years in art school seamlessly, unconcerned about politics in general, until he gets enrolled unwillingly in an opposition activism known as the Dreamers, which may turn upside down his vision of society. 

Legends passed on from generation to generation tell the story of the Birdmen, a tribe of mythical creatures half-bird, half-human who found shelter in the wilderness of the Unknown Lands. Livingston, their ambassador, travels to Heavensgate to warn its leaders of the upcoming danger that looms over the city. Shot in flight when reaching destination, he meets with a gentle soul willing to help him in his mission.

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