I Am The Assassin (under editing)

I Am The Assassin (under editing)

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Knights By I-Am-Ariiiii Completed

"Shoot them." My mentor said, and with my tight grip... I fired. Killing all six innocent humans. This has been my life ever since I was sixteen... The day I ran away from my pack. The day my mentor found me. The day my mate rejected, abused, and beat me half to death. The day I swore my revenge
Toni Jackson, code name: Reaper. Known to be the most powerful and the deadliest assassin ever known. Ruthless, dangerous, deadly, powerful. No one in there right mind would mess with her, but that's not all. She's been running away from her past. Running from what's left behind, but what if she comes back to her past? What if her past comes biting her in the ass? What would happened to her...  but most of all... What would happened when THEY find out.

WARNING-theirs a lot of gruesome, bloody, filled with death and violence in this book, plus grammar, spelling and a little mix up mistakes....READ.AT.YOUR.OWN.RISK..

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Well tough luck sweetie you ain't gettin a prince charming for a mate,
                              I already know it.
I know that this story is cliché and everything but the reason why she gets bullied is absolutely ridiculous
Nychta15 Nychta15 Mar 26
Nah dude. If u holding on to your past thats also is your weakness
Yeah, in Assassin's creed I killed a guy in front of the templars and they rekt me soooo bad.
                              Moral: don't fūck with templars.
I'm broke too....
                              I literally have like 15 cents in my bank account
Damn it I just read a book with a hot af Damien .. watch me get confused