Pregnant and rejected

Pregnant and rejected

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seankecia By seankecia Updated Jun 20, 2014

I sat there and took every punch and kick that came my way. the feeling as moral. I was nothing to them but a punching bag something every one let steam off on. I never did anything to them, but yet I was always one with bad luck. Fate hated my existence. "Stupid Bitch" She semi yelled " watch were the hell your going." I was to weak to stop her and fight back. I was 17. normal werewolves shifted at the age of 10. I was listed as the packs omega, an omega is the lowest ranked. low ranked wolves always did the chores and as you know everybody's chew toy.

allow me to introduce myself, I am charity fitzpatch. my mom dad and older brother died in a rogue attack trying to protect me from the monster. of course the alpha of my pack thought it was my fault that they were attack in the first place and turned he whole pack against me.

though it didn't help that I was an omega it only made them more aggressive towards parents were the beta and beta female and my brother was beta in train...

False. Normal wolves shift when 16. This is learnt from alotta wattpad and twilight
Fitzpatch.... I've heard a last name like that... Oh maybe MARK FISCHBACH!!!!!!!!
Fr Niggå we just got it on there no way I'm leaving your àss
She is so unnecessarily rude. Smh, don't feel bad at all for her reject
Through out this whole book imma be thinking of Markiplier. Fitzpatch and Fischbach are like almost the same word. OMG WHAT IF MARK SOMEHOW POPS UP IN THIS STORY AS HER BROTHER!! #FanGirlAlert
Thank God it wasn't Mark other wise my fangirling would have been for nothing