Admit It ( A Justin Bieber Love Story ) COMPLETED!! ( UNDER EDIT)

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Kim By Onlymrsbieber Updated 2 years ago
This story is about a girl called kayla. she knows she likes justin bieber deep inside , but trys to deny it so every one thinks that kayla hates justin bieber. kayla has a BIEBER OBSSESED sister called tina . she is 5 years old . she got 2 tickets to a justin beiber concert and kayla was forced by her mum to take kayla to that justin beiber concert!!!! because her mum was busy , and her dad was on a bussiness trip . she had no choice , but something happened when they went bckstage to meet and greet him ..... read on , i promise u , this is ONE GOOD LOVE STORY <3
Hey you should check out my story that I'm writting it would help ALOT! So yeah thanks
Jazzy is Justin's half sister. And is this before Jaxon or not?
@Onlymrsbieber I read it and I am already in love with the story! Teacher romance is my fav
Weird think is my name is Kayla and I hate beiber but like his stories a little and I have a bestfriend who is beiber obsessed..
                                    Kayla's like me!
                                    I like JB but... well... my cousin is OBSESSED so to save myself from grief I have to lie and say I don't like him.
I love it but u should make a second part but overall I loved it.   :)