Ever wonder what it's like?

Ever wonder what it's like?

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Ally By jellyajilly Updated Nov 25, 2018

Ever wonder what it's like being that seemingly evil popular girl? The one that tries to take the bad boy from the good girl? Well your about to get a peek into the life of Rose Steel.

What you see at school: a pretty girl that flirts too much

What you don't see: a sad girl who's breaking inside because her twin sister that she loves more than anything has terminal cancer and only has 6 months left

Grayson Black. Everyone thought once the badboy got together with the good girl everything would be smooth sailing. 

What actually happens...well...I guess you'll have to read to find out

This is a cliche bad boy book, but with a twist. Instead of Bad boy meets Good girl, falls in love, together forever....we have bad boy meets bad girl, blackmail, and possibly love?


WARNING:: Mature language and situations will take place in this book!!

I own all characters in this book.
All and any similarities to other books, or movies, are simply coincidental. 

The people I have for the characters in this book are not who you have to see them as, it's just how I see them.

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