Former Lovers

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Pre By xxILoveIcecreamxx Updated 3 years ago
Brandon Carson and Pricilla Kent are high school sweet hearts and each others first loves. So when high school is over and they both have to go their separate ways things slowly start to fall apart. With Brandon achieving his dream of becoming an actor he slowly starts to push Pricilla to the back of his head, as he slowly soaks up the spotlight. Pricilla, heartbroken that Brandon has forgotten about her, decides she can't wait any longer and moves on with her life. So when Pricilla announces that she's getting married, Brandon will stop at nothing to show her that her groom to be is not the one for her.
Oh no, he's gonna get the part and forget all about his girlfriend....okay now that sucks....
Aw...that was too cute, but I bet they slowly drift away from each other. It always happens, and one thing, you don't need the comma before the quote mark if you already have an exclamation point or a question mark :)