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You can call me whatever;  Jane is the Name, Writing is the game. By Marci_Bodt Updated Sep 16, 2014

Akward JeanMarco one shots.  Feel free to request a AU or theme for them. 

I dont own Any charas or AoT.



    Marco , baby your confused not gay or bi or straight. Your just confused * Pets his head *
    It's only a matter time before he let's out his inner homosexual
    katsumum katsumum Jul 30
    can i request a smut? where jean and Marco are in public seeing a movie or something and jean starts teasing Marco and stuff and then they leave and it gets spicy yknow
    Jean: "I'm not Gay, Okay?"
                                  ALSO Jean: *Purposefully kisses Marco*
    Marco i just want to le you know if you ask him you wont get a very straight answer
    I'm watching Rio and the part where the romantic song comes on just started playing XDDDD