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Manic Love (Flippy x Flaky Love Story) Happy Tree Friends

Manic Love (Flippy x Flaky Love Story) Happy Tree Friends

62.9K Reads 902 Votes 9 Part Story
DreamyLoner By dreamyloner Completed

Love is hard for Flaky. Her psychotic boyfriend, Flippy, always flips out whenever something reminds him of wars. His evil counterpart likes killing their friends and lately, he has started harassing Flaky. When violence goes too far, Flippy makes an inevitable decision to save their unstable relationships...

*Pairing* Flippy x Flaky
*Warning* Rated R for gore, violence, sex, rape, lemons, cursing. 
*Disclaimer* I do not own the characters. They belong to Mondo Media. I only own the plot.
*Remarks* In this story, both characters are in human/anime form.
Below are the ages of each character as this story takes place.
- Flippy/Fliqpy (23)
- Flaky (18)
- Petunia & Sniffles (19)
- Giggles & Cuddles (16)
- Nutty & Toothy(15)
- Shifty and Lifty (20)
- Handy (21)
- Splendid & Splendont (22)
- Lumpy (28)

Pynkydo Pynkydo Jan 25
oh my god, I've never seen a book of this ship with such emotionally empowered words, it made me almost cry!
RosauraGomez4 RosauraGomez4 Oct 28, 2016
I've been a huge fan of this ship since forever, how did I just find this now?!
rolandfiendsszzies rolandfiendsszzies Jun 02, 2016
You know fliqpy is going to ruin your dress with blood and. Etc...
- - Oct 28, 2016
Lol I'm addicted to Anime Version of happy tree friends and flaky x flippy XD
candyslxt candyslxt Dec 28, 2015
I already read the whole story twice, but I thought Flippy was a smartass... I bet he knows the capital of Russia... but mostly, wtf is wrong with him? :P
SarahMeasho SarahMeasho Jun 13, 2015
Its so good! Other ones are now where AS NEAR AS GOOD AS THIS ONE!  ITS amazing loved it thank you  so much and perfect grammar!