Reborn In Water

Reborn In Water

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Blake By bfox16 Updated 3 days ago

The Avatar and the Akira; the devine teacher and the protector; yin and yang. When the world needed them most, they vanished. Many believe the Avatar was never born again into the air nomads. The Akira, born into the Fire Nation, was said to be killed by Fire Lord Sozin himself. When the Avatar is found in the South Pole, many believe he will be the first to journey without his Akira, his protector and martyr. 

But they thought wrong.

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After her Father died at the hands of Fire Lord Ozai, Aelita Kenshin knew she had to stay alive just to honor his dying wish.

Too bad he never had the chance to tell her what to do with that life. After his death she's forced to pledge loyalty to the royal family who took so much from her. So she lives day by day, a shell of her former self, following the banished Prince of the Fire Nation on a haunt for a dead man. 

But what is she to do when she's faced with a life changing choice; her friend, or the world?