Phoenix Love (Guardian fanfiction ending and continuation) - hiatus

Phoenix Love (Guardian fanfiction ending and continuation) - hiatus

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LuckyClouds By luckyclouds Updated Nov 02, 2018

This is the continuation of the drama "Guardian" (what happened after episode 40?). Let's rewrite the ending together!

I have finished the drama and to be honest, I had to take a break and go for a walk to sort everything out in my mind. The drama is over and the ending of it just left my heart feeling uneasy. 
The original novel ends with a happy ending, but I guess it was never meant to end like that in the TV series. Just as Shen Wei said: "Some stories are bound to become tragedies". 

I am in process of getting the novel, but before I lay my eyes on it and read how the novel's ending looks like, I have decided to let my fantasy take over. Because I feel Shen Wei and Zhao Yunlan deserves a better ending. And so I have decided to "add a few more episodes to the drama" and write the story's continuation based on the info we have received from the drama only (not involving the book) and my own imagination. 
Please note that I have "ended" the episode 40 for the purpose of this fanfiction in the moment the team returned from Dixing. And with that being said I welcome you to join me on the following journey...

Important note: This story is updated once in 10-14 days!

P.S.: I do not own the characters or the original story, only this fanfiction line is mine.
The characters are from the novel and drama "Guardian" and belong to the author of this novel. The photos used for the poster and inside of the story are also not mine.