Fire in Her Eyes.   (BNHA FF)

Fire in Her Eyes. (BNHA FF)

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Scarlet-sama By ScarletNight02 Updated Oct 09

Ichika and Izuku Midoriya; twin siblings who were attached by the hip for the first few years of their lives. There was hardly a dull, saddened moment in the Midoriya household for several years, the twins somehow always having a smile on their faces. 

When the two hit the age of four, however, everything changed.

Izuku was pronounced quirkless, whilst Ichika was just the opposite. She had received a mixture of both her parents' quirks, resulting in her being a prodigy of sorts. However, she never let this new 'title' get between her and Izuku, always making sure to support him in their shared dream: become a pro hero, just like All Might.

Unfortunately, as news got out of Izuku's lack of a quirk, practically everyone else in their lives had turned on him, on  t h e m. So, Ichika shut everyone else out, becoming very protective and almost possessive of her brother, doing whatever it takes to keep him from harm, her biggest threat being who used to be her only other best friend, Katsuki Bakugou. And it was during one of these times where she was protecting him, two years after she'd gotten her quirk, that she lost control.

To prevent any legal action being placed against her mother, Ichika had to be sent away to live with her father, a high-ranking American military official and drill sergeant, in order for her to properly learn to contain the devistating power she possessed. So, for nearly ten years, that's where she's been. Training, learning, and advancing in every sector in the pursuit of being a hero.

Now, nine years later, the news of a second Midoriya being accepted into U.A. through recommendations spreaded like wild fire. Soon, Izuku and everyone else will be able to see Ichika for who she is, was, and hopes to be, for better or for worse.