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Umber: The Tale of Being Opaque

Umber: The Tale of Being Opaque

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lisozeme By lisozeme Updated Mar 26, 2011

She wants it. She wants it so bad. More than anything in the world. She would kill for it.
He wants it. He wants it more than her. What they want, though, are two things unimaginably different. He would kill to give it to her. 
They don't know each other very well, but, then, these two people are the warring personification of the current ideas of their Earth. In a world where they offer riches and a full life for the family of anyone who competes in the game, there are some who merely join to destroy all the government has worked for. The only question is whether they are finally right. 
When the last five have finally won and the government is beginning their expedition, the strange blonde boy that always seems to be there has the chance to decide if his young sister's broken mind could dislocate the dwindling thread that houses poverty, death, and the frequent obsession with staying alive.

lisozeme lisozeme Mar 28, 2011
@leamckee Thanks! I work hard at writing, and this book right here is at the front of my brain. I'm definitely continuing it. And I'm so glad you like it! 
                              Yay, thank you!
lisozeme lisozeme Mar 14, 2011
@CerebralAssassin Oh, really? Thank you so much! I'm so glad that somebody likes my stuff! 
CosmosInChaos CosmosInChaos Mar 13, 2011
This story deserves more credit than this. *put's it in library and vomments* You didn't have too many mispelling and punctuation errors to pick on you for... you got to the point... wow. Keep it up, keep it up!
lisozeme lisozeme Mar 06, 2011
@ihateusernames I don'y know! I am confoozed!
                              Oh, and I just bought this epic hour glass. It's all bronze and has cool symbols. I likes it. 
lisozeme lisozeme Mar 05, 2011
@ihateusernames Sorry, I shall do so soon!
                              Yeah, I probably should...I just always forget. How do people find such cool covers, though?
                              AND CARLY. Don't say that, you're far more awesome.