A Little Party Goes a Long Way

A Little Party Goes a Long Way

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stxrspxngled By stxrspxngled Updated Apr 28

Title credited to: @Love_Many_Fandoms

Steve is your average star quarterback with a couple of broken friends and secrets of his own. 

Bucky likes to melt into the background at school, and his only friend has a passion for crazy ideas. He already has a crush on the famous Steve Rogers. 

They meet by chance at a high-school party, in the midst of a heated game of seven minutes in heaven... 

I stared down at the small screen of my mobile phone. I had to squint to see the minute font, but I could just make out the words:

Party at my place
~ Natasha x

"I'll be at your party Nat; I always am."

My eyebrow raised in disbelief at Sam's pleading look. I couldn't believe what he was saying. "Sam, we've been friends since the second grade, and you're telling me that you want to go to one of Natasha Romanoff's parties? Since when have you ever-"

He cut me off with a pathetic, "Buck. Please?"

"Alright, we can go, Wilson."