Figuring It Out

Figuring It Out

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Sydney and Stefan are brother and sister... They are put in foster care after their parents were killed by a drunk driver....


Sydney isn't used to having a "sister" that tells her who to hang out with and who not too. Maddie, her foster sister, seems to have an opinion on everyone. She knows Kenzie likes girls and thinks it's disgusting. Maddie and her friends know something is up with Emily, but they haven't turned on her like they did with Kenzie. What gives?

Sydney becomes friends with Emily and Kenzie within the first week of school. She starts doing things she never thought she would be. She is going to parties, drinking and sneaking out, and occasionally skipping school. Did I mention she will be occasionally caught kissing one or both of the girls?

With every action there is consequences. She connects with Emily and able to talk to her in a deep aspect of things. Kenzie, it's all fun and games. Will it come to a time where she has to chose between the girls or is Sydney just acting out because she doesn't know how to deal with the pain she feels of losing her parents?

Sydney has a lot to figure out.

fall_out_girl3012 fall_out_girl3012 Sep 05, 2015
My mom says this all the time when my brother and I fight 'why can't the both of you stop fighting? Other kids don't fight you know!' Its soooo annoying but then I tell her this 'when you were younger you would also fight with your brothers and sisters right? Besides its nature'
aclem13 aclem13 Dec 22, 2014
I feel kinda epic because just reading the synopsis before even click "read" on the book I saw the cover and guessed who Sydney, Emily, and Kenzie were and I was right!  I'm dorky, I know but for me that was an accomplishment
Journey64 Journey64 May 02, 2014
looking forward to. reading more. sound like its going to pretty good.