To Serve And Protect (BooK 4 =MEN IN UNIFORM SERIES)

To Serve And Protect (BooK 4 =MEN IN UNIFORM SERIES)

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Book 4 of the MEN IN UNIFORM series

Once upon a time Sebastian found love. Well ok 5 years ago. But his love was getting ready to graduate and head to college. But Sebastian didn’t want to stand in her way. So he did what he thought was the best thing. He enlisted in the Marines and figured he could waltz back and claim what he considered his. His girl begged him to stay claiming not wanting to leave him. She would sacrifice her dream University for him. 

But no he left. Now he’s back. But will she take him back after the heart ache she has suffered??

missloser missloser Jun 30, 2012
Ooorah all the ways for marines! I love that corps and I'm proud to be apart of it
loren_a_boz loren_a_boz Jun 28, 2012
i got a thing for men that don the marine uniform...its just oh so irresistable. no doubt i will enjoy this particular story ^__^
SleeplessInChicago SleeplessInChicago Jun 27, 2012
@aerynsun @ShazzaWazza 
                              You guys ar so funny. Here you go. It's short . The fist 2 chapters will be short but here you go...
Da_zGreen Da_zGreen Jun 27, 2012
Love it!! I can't wait till you upload the very first chapter!
aerynsun aerynsun Jun 27, 2012
@ShazzaWazza @elenamoreno25  Yes i agree w/ Miss Shazza - we need our daily dose of yum yum from you elena - we are in need here!!!  lololol!!!
QueenOfTheEdibles QueenOfTheEdibles Jun 27, 2012
Tick tock goes my clock. . .
                              Bleep bleep goes my alarm. . .
                              Days go by. . .
                              But still there's not that sound. . .
                              The one that notify me. . 
                              Tells me, Elena has given us More!!!