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Not good enough?

Not good enough?

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Elliot Fletcher By ElliotFletcher Completed

~PROLOGUE~  It happened a while ago never really wanted to remember that day much.   I was 18 just getting my last block of school done with when 'he' came to school with 'his' new group that soon became popular. Of couse me being the average Anny just was left behind as he hooked up with multiple girls leaving me black and blue.  But there was this one faithful day he came to me looking at me with what seemed like an accusing look like i just killed an innocent person. He scoffed as he finished examining me shaking his head like a refusing child.  "You!? Are my mate you got to be kidding me!" He said running his hand down his face in fustration.  That smile that was on my face faded away into a confused look,  "What?" I spoke softly tohim looking up as he snapped his head towards my direction,  "What?! What! Seriously you are asking me what! You! That is what you aremy mate how? You are not good enough!" He said,but I heard him screaming it at me,  I didnt really register what he said until a few minutes after he walked away with one of the popular girls. That is when the problems began to start I would wake up in the middle of the night screaming in pain as cuts and gashes appeared all over my body.  This was a result of a mate cheating on you with another girl it was always known like this so you can bust them like my mum likes to say. After a while I had to take multiple sleeping meds and pain relievers before I went tobed so I wouldnt feel it,but even then I could steel feel the slight sting and would wake up with dried blood and newly formed cuts,gashes.  I finally just gave up and let it happen,and it did 8 times a month for the next 2 years, until last month. There was no screaming in agony or new cuts,gashes or anything on my body it was just the creamy skin I usually had.  I am Autumn Jacobs and this is my love story featuring 'him' or also known as my future Alpha who also goes by my mate and lastly is called Brock Carterson.

thedelightfulidiot thedelightfulidiot Aug 20, 2016
Okay please stop adding the w's. It is extremely distracting and isn't necessary.
pulis57 pulis57 Dec 07, 2016
yeah, why not reject him verbally? when he rejects, thank you and so go to h*ll! I, Anne... rejects you Brock Carterson as my mate! goodbye.. :-)