An Abused, Broken Mate

An Abused, Broken Mate

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Lucifien Frost is not you ordinary werewolf Omega. She is a bit special you see. Not exactly like the others in her pack.

She is the different one. Used to be complimented and is now called an abomination to their pack. The wolves in her pack used to think she was a innocent child. Now, they think sh has caused everything bad to happen to them. 

One day, a majority of the pack got wiped out. Poof. Just like that, from a huge rogue attack to get the little child called Lucifien.

Her parents died that day, protecting her. After that, everyone she loved in her life left her. First her parents, then her twin sister and soon it will be her brother and her best friend. Everyday she strives to work for the pack, doing all the chores, cleaning, cooking, everything everybody else should be helping with.

And She has had enough! She planned a great escape, to escape her own personal hell, not to be a burden, not to be an abomination, not to remind everyone of why their loved ones died...

Lucifien soon turns 18, and doesn't want to find her soul-mate, her perfect piece to her heart, the right puzzle piece. She doesn't think she can trust anyone at the moment unless she knows they wouldn't betray her like everyone else in her life.

What will Lucifien do when she finds her mate?
What happens on her travels?
Who will she meet and befriend in the future?
Who will be the greatest enemy she must face?
Join Lucifien on her great journey...

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Please read. It's my first werewolf story. Thank you.


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PotaCorn PotaCorn Jul 28, 2016
Hate hate hate hate hate (isn't really hatin this story is amazing)
AnushehHaider AnushehHaider Feb 24, 2016
Even tho Id remember all the names of the characters but I luv harrypotter and Im planning on seeing it all over again now that my tests r over
SumSum835 SumSum835 Jan 15, 2016
I LOVE HARRY POTTER!!! will be missed.💔❤️
MunckykinZ MunckykinZ Jan 10, 2016
Just as constructed criticism in case you decide to publish this story. I would chose the word raged.
                              "The battle raged on, as the wolves fought their hardest to protect their dear ones.
calmwolf calmwolf Nov 22, 2015
My first time and I think I'll love it just by reading the first chapter ;)