After Death | ✓

After Death | ✓

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Lucinda van Rensburg By ChildOfAthenaX Completed

It might be cliché to say that I only started fearing death the moment I knew I was dying. But as I lay in my hospital bed awaiting my inevitable last breath, I was terrified. It was like my mind was stuck on repeat, the same thoughts surfacing over and over. Would it hurt? What would happen after? Will I just be...gone?

My first meeting with Death was everything I expected, yet entirely different than I thought. Death is not who I thought it was. There is an entire story no one knows about. Death was here to save me.


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Copyright © Lucinda van Rensburg 2018

This is not a Supernatural fanfiction, although one of the actors is mentioned for the sake of the story (it's explained inside).

Date posted: 5 August 2018 (All chapters at once.)

Current status: Editing Phase One (basic spelling and grammar corrections)