Adopted || 1D (EDITING)

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Lauren By SmileForNiallx Updated 2 years ago
((guys this is terrible and in the process of being severely edited so it probably won't make a lot of sense. You've been warned :3)) 
    "Leah, you're adopted." Those three words sent my life spiraling into craziness. Especially when I discover my birth family happens to be the Tomlinsons. Yes, Tomlinson, as in Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. The extremely famous boyband...
@Just_claireXx haha I thought you meant you were Louis' sister I was like "um Bish whet?"
@country_girl_800 you're Louis Tomlinson's sister?!  Haha. Jk
I LOVE THIS BOOK  because  you know it has my name in it and it is spelled the same way
My best friends name is Lea! A awesome story. This is going to be entertaining.