This is fate!! 「semi haitus🙏」

This is fate!! 「semi haitus🙏」

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chanyeol stan By someonethatlovesexo Updated Sep 18, 2018

Baekhyun,15, who is in his final year of high school is turning 16 soon. He came from a poor family. His mother died when he was 6, leaving him with his abusive father. Baekhyun was abused almost everyday. In school, he was bullied by the bad boys and called names. At home, the place where one is suppose to be safe and happy, is where Baekhyun gets abused. What happens when Baekhyun got drugged and was dragged by a stranger to the hotel? What happens when he wakes up to find himself naked on a hotel bed, alone, with a sore lower back and lots of hickeys? What happens when he is kicked out by his so called father and had no where to go with only four dollars? That is until Mrs Park, the mother of the CEO of Park Enterprise, found him on the streets.

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Date started: 8 Aug 2018

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