Royally in Love

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Fiya By InfiniteFiya Updated 2 years ago
“Kiss me.” 
     Her mouth dropped open, his statement seemed to bring her to her senses as she pushed away from him stuttering and flushing a bright hue of red, all at once.  
    It is the 1500's and England has seen the first Queen of England. Emma Cardon loses her memory due to a tragic accident, but who should be there to nurse her back to health? A dashing handsome gentleman that seems to neglect propriety at every turn. Will Emma succumb to his affections or will she escape in time? Unbeknownst to both a shadow dogs their footsteps and colours their happiness grey.  The Elizabethan era has begun.
This is so awesome! I can't wait to read more! I don't usually read historical fiction but this is so good. Keep up the good work!
This is really good. You have crazy good writing skills. I love is <3
LOOOOL!! Kuthi! You already commented off mine! :') ah well another wont hurt eh? :P
                                    Tu ehni soni likhya meh tenu daas ni sagdi! :') meri punjabi boht vadhiya hai innit bruv? :') 
                                    You know what i liked? How you used so many words :o where can i get your talent?! :'D
Ll free to call me stupid but does six and teen years mean 16? Very good writing by the way jut the rigt amount of sophistication and entertainment
I like the way you write it's different and interesting. It was easy to read and very interesting. I'll be reading more :) great job. Also a wonderful cover.
I love how you put your sentences together and how it is totally like historical! :)