(GAYYYYY)The Abused Teen and the Alpha (boyxboy) werewolf love story (GAYYY)

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Yuki Natsumi Vantameter By KeikoKaela Completed
I woke up on the cold floor of the basement yet again. My face was still sore from last night. I looked at my phone and saw that it was 9am. Great first day back and I'm already late. I limped up the narrow stairs. I went through the empty house stepping over beer bottles and half eaten food. Just a big mess I'm going to have to clean up later. I got into the shower letting the hot water hit my bruises. Only two more years to go, then I can get out of this hell hole. 
    ~What happens when you find out when your sexy teacher has a huge crush on you? who happens to be a werewolf
Just let me get my rusty spoons and shovel, does anyone have a bodybag I can borrow??? Nah it's fine I'll just bury him alive
I know this is not part of the stories but
                                    Any one else think of Andy Bierstack from black veil brides (XD)
Ooo. Oooooo. Me me me me me me me me me me me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                    I got and army following me!!!!! They are ready to help
OMG SO FUNNY!!! I'm a werewolf slut, give me back my kiss.......Roflmao
LOL, Mates finding each other at young ages....no hankie pankie DUDE!!
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What! How old is lucas! Hannah is fucking ten! How can she be your mate?! Oh wait I just assumed lucas was tristians age whn he's probably younger than sam, I'd 13 so three yrs age difference. . . But come on! Dude his mate is fucking ten!!!