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The Alpha's Cinderella (Mate #1) (Completed)

The Alpha's Cinderella (Mate #1) (Completed)

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Mickey By mikaelanay Completed

Cinderella dropped her glass slipper.

Hilary Duff dropped her cell phone.

Selena Gomez dropped her Zune.

What did 16-year old werewolf Blair Summers drop?

 She didn't drop just one-but three clues for the strange male werewolf who helped her out of her heat in the dark hues of the night.

1. Her mother's locket.
2. The secret of her being a white wolf.
3. And lastly her scent!

 She never anticipated that this hot chance encounter would be followed up by a dreadful night of blood.

Two years later, she still can't let go of the night when her pack was brutally murdered by the Rogues. It was that unfortunate night that brought her and the few people who survived the attack, under the leadership of the Red Moon pack, their rivals as well as strongest pack in North America.

Fate plans out more troubles for her when the newly appointed Alpha of her current pack, Damon Lockhart, returns from his training. It comes as a shocker to Blair when he turns out to be the same guy who shared a passionate encounter with her two years back.

What does she do? She hides every reason that makes her his Cinderella and he embraces every reason that makes him her Prince Charming.

Will they get their happily ever after?

Do give it a chance, you'll like it!


LivieMagix LivieMagix 2 days ago
I'm writing this comment for your summary: wow that was some summary... It makes me want to read this way more than before! Just wow that's all I have to say
TrisPotter64 TrisPotter64 5 days ago
Please tell me I'm not the only one who read that in a spongebob voice
That's my fake bitchy cousin's name lol. Actually all my cousins are a bunch of fake bitches.
My name is Gisell but well spelled differently ..... and I have green eyes and had short black hair😂 have it longer now and dyed it light brown❤️😍👌
MaSamI9599 MaSamI9599 3 days ago
And the cinderella sprints away with no glass on her feet 😉
TrisPotter64 TrisPotter64 5 days ago
But what about the girl?? Does she not have any powers!?
                              You sexist aśs bishes