Hidden Secrets ~ A Jason McCann Love Story ~

Hidden Secrets ~ A Jason McCann Love Story ~

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ChiChi Day By ListenJustListen Updated Oct 19, 2011

A Jason McCann Love story! What would happen if Naomi, a sweet caring girl whos parents died when she was 13, leaving her to care for her young brothe Tyler all by herself, and Jason, a dark boy who had a troubled past, meet? Would they fall in love, or would they just become friends? Will Naomi be able to uncover the secrets behind Jason's past? Or will Jason push her away and do somethign drastic that will change both their lives forever? WATTY AWARDS 2011!!!!!! C'MON GUYS LETS GET THIS TO THE TOP! :)

Hidden Secrets ~  A Jason McCann Love Story ~

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KittyKye KittyKye Jun 14, 2013
Jasons not a bad guy they killed his brother I'd be pretty pissed too
IceyWifey IceyWifey Nov 25, 2012
Hey this story is amazing i love it so much!' You guyse have to read my story its a JB love story!!!!
ValeriaGonzlez ValeriaGonzlez Jan 25, 2012
ok u better post more storie or i will die... my life deppends on it :O 
                              lol not really but yeaahhh!!!!
ListenJustListen ListenJustListen Mar 29, 2011
@PossessedTeddyy no problemoo! ;) thanks soo much for teh awesome cover, fantastic person! :D 
JojoSayyzWat JojoSayyzWat Mar 23, 2011
first i was like great ANOTHER jason mccan story. then I clicked it. and the i realized that im addictd to thiss!! :DD continue!!
xBekah xBekah Mar 18, 2011
Aww I'm glad it did :) and yeah, I'm reading that one as well, it's really good as well. keep the good work up :D